In Oregon, more than 700  inmates are released into Marion County communities each year.  48% of those released are immediately homeless, 60-70% have a substance abuse problem and most have no transportation.  According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) over 50 percent of those released from incarceration will be in some form of legal trouble within 3 years.

A Coordinated Community Response

The  Marion County Reentry Initiative (MCRI) is collaborative effort involving community corrections, education, law enforcement and non-profit agencies working together to rebuild lives, promote community safety and save taxpayer money by breaking the cycle of criminal activity.

Special thanks to Soha Badiei of CCTV for producing this video!

Prevention Works.
MCRI helps reduce crime with:

  • Mentoring – begins in jails, prisons, transition homes and emergency shelters.  It ends when the risk is gone.
  • Housing – supervised and drug-free.  Safe and accountable.
  • Transportation – keeping people on time and on the job.
  • Family Strengthening – counseling and community resources.
  • Jobs – Business leaders willing to employ emerging talent.

"Helping ex-offenders successfully integrate into the community IS crime prevention. Crime prevention is a foundation for public safety." Sheriff Jason Myers, Marion County, Oregon