MCRI Partner Agency Program Services

SOAR – Student Opportunity for Achieving Results

RSP – Reentry Solutions Program

CARS – Community Action Reentry Services

Student Opportunity for Achieving Results (SOAR) Services
Corrections Education Department, Chemeketa Community College
Marion County Sheriff’s Office, Parole & Probation Division
Marion County Health Department

Mid-Willamette Valley Community Action Agency

Job Finding Series – Chemeketa staff facilitates the Job Finding Series with workshops that includes:

• Resume I
• Resume II
• Applications
• PC’s for Job Seekers
• Written FAFSA Skills
• FAFSA/Scholarships
• iMatch Skills
• Job Search Letters/References
• Job Search Basics
• Interviewing
• Thinking Like the Employer
• Apprenticeship/OST
• One Minute Me
• Career Information System
• Employer Panel

Upon the completion of Job Finding Series we then meet individually with the students and provide more intensive job search and educational planning assistance.

Dependable Strengths Articulation Process (DSAP):

The Dependable Strengths Articulation Process is an intervention that increases a person’s self-esteem, motivation to achieve and responsible behavior and as a result, students are likely to experience change in locus of control from external to internal, and will feel more of an influence on their futures. Recent studies indicates that participants using their knowledge of Dependable Strengths can guide them in many areas of their life such as making education, training and career decisions, reduce the stress in their lives, to focus more on being productive in positive ways, to feel stronger in resistance to drug and alcohol abuse, to relate to others with less conflict, and to communicate more clearly.

The DSAP curriculum teaches students to identify and articulate their core abilities, talents, positive traits and skills which then increase their employment and career opportunities.

On-the-Job-Training (OJT):

Mission:  Support Businesses, Rebuild Lives, Save Taxpayer Money

The OJT program works with Parole and Probation clients and local employers to develop subsidized employment opportunities. The employer is reimbursed up to $2,000 for training costs associated with hiring a new employee. The OJT Specialist provides support to both the employer and new employee around performance in an effort to increase the retention of the Parole and Probation clients in their new job. Staff also assists employers in accessing the Work Opportunity Tax Credit which provides up to $2,400 for their business.

General Assistance:

Chemeketa staff also serves the general Parole and Probation caseload clients providing placement in an OJT, employment readiness preparation, job search assistance, GED completion assistance, barrier removal, resource referral and other individual needs of this population.

Reentry Solutions Program (RSP)

Mid Valley Mentors
Marion County Sheriff’s Office, Parole & Probation Division

Mid Valley Mentors’ Reentry Solutions Program (RSP) provides mentoring support for adults leaving Oregon State prisons and returning to the community in Marion County. RSP recruits, screens and trains volunteers to mentor adults throughout their transition out of incarceration. Prior to release from prison, eligible and interested inmates are connected with a mentor to develop a relationship and create a plan to support successful reentry. Upon release, mentors meet with ex-offenders one hour per week to work through potential barriers and provide advocacy, guidance, support, encouragement and connection to community resources. The main goals of the program are to reduce the rates of recidivism and improve opportunities for successful community living.

Who does RSP serve?

Mid Valley Mentors RSP provides mentoring and support for adult offenders transitioning from prison back into Marion County. The Marion County Reentry Initiative via the Marion County Sheriff’s Office refers clients to Mid Valley Mentors for participation in RSP who meet the following requirements:

  1. Have a strong desire to become a contributing member of the community
  2. Will be a resident of Marion County
  3. Were convicted of a crime other than a sex offense or arson
  4. Posses a recommendation from their Parole Officer as a good candidate for the program

RSP Services:

Mid Valley Mentors Reentry Solutions Program provides one-to-one and small group mentoring support to increase access to employment, education and support services. Mentoring is proven to reduce recidivism by providing:

  • Social and emotional support
  • Significant positive ties to the community
  • Life skills development
  • Assistance accessing existing community services

RSP Needs Your Help!
RSP mentors are all volunteers, you would make a great mentor, support reentry in a very hands-on way, apply to become a mentor today, CLICK HERE to learn more.

Community Action Reentry Services (CARS)
Mid Willamette Valley Community Action Agency

Operating the De Muniz Resource Center and New Leaf women’s transition program

• Job Search Basics
• Interviewing
• Thinking Like the Employer
• Apprenticeship/OST
• One Minute Me
• Career Information System
• Employer Panel

"Helping ex-offenders successfully integrate into the community IS crime prevention. Crime prevention is a foundation for public safety." Sheriff Jason Myers, Marion County, Oregon